Terri Been Appeals for Help to Save Her Brother Jeff Wood


My name is Terri Been and I am the sister of a man WRONGFULLY convicted of murder under the brutal and controversial “law of parties” in Texas. This man’s name is Jeffery Wood and he is set to die on August 24th, 2016 for a murder he did NOT commit.

I am writing and putting this out in the world, because I am once again feeling helpless, and I do not know what I else I can do. For almost 20 years I have been desperately searching for a way to help save the life of my brother. These days, I still find myself slave to the computer…at first I was a slave to the computer, waiting for the worst…to see my brother’s name upon the list of those waiting to be executed. That time has come and gone, but I still find myself still a slave to the computer in hopes of finding people who can help us in our fight against the Texas Judicial System.

With the execution date set less than 3 months from now, we are running out of time. We are desperate for exposure with people who have some kind of influence on the public, or people who know other people who may be able to help. If you have any thoughts, ideas, or just anything that may help…please feel free to get in touch with me.

We lost our original webpage for unknown reasons, but we now have another homepage for Jeff in addition to a new online petition that is circulating, (which can be found here: https://www.change.org/p/governor-abbott-and-the-texas-board-of-pardons-and-parole-demand-justice-for-jeff-wood-5807b015-014a-4a21-8c6e-e34be865c27c?recruiter=12756&utm_source=petitions_show_components_action_panel_wrapper&utm_medium=copylink or on his homepage at the following web address: www.savejeffwood.com). We are still trying to get all of the information updated, so please keep checking for regular news and updates.

I humbly ask you to help my family by taking a few minutes of your time to read a few facts regarding Jeff’s case and to sign his petition that we will be sending the governor! While you are on Jeff’s Web Page, I also ask that you take an extra minute or two to look at the other information we have in the how you can help section. For those of you who are familiar with Kenneth Foster’s case (which is very similar to Jeff’s case) it took their family over 17,000 messages to the Governor and the Board of Pardons and Paroles to get his sentence commuted to Life. This was accomplished by sending petitions, faxes, letters, and by making phone calls. I am eternally grateful for every single signature, but I need more. I need calls, letters and faxes to go along with the petition signatures.

I humbly ask that you help my family. Jeff is my baby brother and he did not kill anybody! Please ask yourselves what you would do if you were in my situation. What lengths would you go to if this was your family member?

While I am trying to save my brother because he is innocent of murder, I am fighting to abolish the death penalty completely. Please feel free to repost this document if you feel compelled to do so. Also, please take a few minutes to look at the few videos I have on my page…they are very powerful clips and will make you think.

If you do decide that you are interested in helping us save my brother’s life; please forward this to as many people as you know. I need at least 1000 signatures on the petition before we can send it in. And again, I am also desperate for letters, and faxes to be sent to the governor and the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles as well.

I feel that the more who know about this and participate in it, the better it will be for all inmates who face death, not just my brother. Up until this point, we have done what we have been told to do…’sit back, and let the system work.’ BUT the system has failed my brother, failed his daughter, and failed those of us who love him…Now we are just desperate!
Your help, guidance, and consideration to this matter will be greatly appreciated…more than you will ever know!

I thank you in advance for your time and attention to this matter! Again, your help will be greatly appreciated! God Bless You All and thank you for all that you do!!!!

In struggle,
Terri Been
P.S. I am very tired and worn out, so please forgive any grammatical or spelling errors as I just cannot seem to think these days!

Rep Dutton’s Bill to End Death Penalty in Law of Parties Cases Passes House Committee


Rep. Harold Dutton

In another success stemming from the Statewide Lobby Day to Abolish the Death Penalty back on March 3, Rep. Harold Dutton’s bill to ban the death penalty in law of parties cases (HB 341) has been approved by the Texas House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence, which recommended that it “be reported favorably to the full house with the recommendation that it do pass”. The vote was 4-2. Two Republicans and two Democrats voted yes. One Republican and one Democrat voted no. And one Republican was absent.

The bi-partisan support for the bill bodes well for it to gain enough support to pass the entire House. Please contact your Texas state representative and urge them to support HB 341.

HB 341 was one of the bills that people lobbied for on the Statewide Texas Lobby Day to Abolish the Death Penalty on March 3. When the bill was heard in committee, we returned to the capitol to support it. One of the people who testified in support of it in the committee hearing was Terri Been, whose brother Jeff Wood is on death row in a law of parties case even though he did not kill anyone himself and did not intend anyone to be killed. He was outside in a car when another person killed a convenience store clerk.

Before it can reach the floor of the House for a vote by all the members of the House, it must first pass the Calendars Committee. Below are the members of the Calendars Committee.

Position Member
Chair: Rep. Todd Hunter
Vice Chair: Rep. Eddie Lucio III
Members: Rep. Roberto R. Alonzo
Rep. Byron Cook
Rep. Sarah Davis
Rep. Charlie Geren
Rep. Helen Giddings
Rep. Patricia Harless
Rep. Dan Huberty
Rep. Eric Johnson
Rep. Ken King
Rep. Lyle Larson
Rep. Four Price
Rep. Debbie Riddle
Rep. Eddie Rodriguez

HB 341

The chair laid out HB 341.

Representative Canales moved that HB 341, without amendments, be reported favorably to the full house with the recommendation that it do pass and be printed.  The motion prevailed by the following record vote:

Ayes:                           Representatives Herrero; Canales; Leach; Simpson (4).

Nays:                           Representatives Moody; Shaheen (2).

Present, Not Voting:   None (0).

Absent:                        Representative Hunter (1).

Information from 2008 and 2009


Video of news footage from KABB in San Antonio of Texas Moratorium Network’s February 24, 2009 press conference at the Texas Capitol on the Law of Parties with the Law of Parties bill sponsor Rep Harold Dutton, Lawrence Foster and Kenneth Foster Sr, Steven Been (brother-in-law of Jeff Wood), Mary Ellen Felps and Texas Moratorium Network’s Scott Cobb.