Poems by Paige Wood

Texas Took My Dad


 As I fall asleep each night

I have my teddy bear in hand

For he is the replacement that I am forced to have

…Since Texas took my dad.


My dad is not the killer

That you are led to believe he is.

He is a kind and gentle soul who only tried to do

What he believed was best for me.


My life was threatened by a man

Who Texas already killed

So why must there be a two for one

It isn’t a fair deal!


Now I find myself trying very hard

Not to be consumed by hate

 Just like the corrupt Texas prison guards


And for those of you,

Who want to kill my dad…

For shame, for shame

Its you who are now to blame

for taking away my life!


May Jesus do what’s good for you and show you what is right!


 -Paige Lynn Wood






I sit and wait

…And wonder.

I have been waiting my whole life

All the time wondering…

Is my daddy coming home?


Will I ever get to see him?

Touch him?

Hold his hand?

Or ever hug him tight?


Will I ever get to sit in his lap or

Talk to him face to face

Instead of through the pane of glass

That messes with my brain.


Sometimes at night

I find myself

Waiting by the door

Just hoping that this is all a bad dream

 And he will simply

Walk through the door


I need for him to

Tuck me in

And ask me about my day,

Then read me a bedtime story

While my worries drift away;

Then say a little prayer for me,

My friends and family

Then all the other boys and girls who are hurting

Just like me.


I am daddy’s baby girl, and even though I am 14 years of age

I’m secretly still 3 years old

waiting for my daddy to come home.


-Paige Lynn Wood