Poems for Jeff

A Guardian Angel

By:  Nathan, Nick, and Gavin Been


My uncle Jeff,

He is such a clown

He makes me laugh even

When I am down.


He’s a man on the Row,

But you wouldn’t know

By the smile on his face

He is quick to show


Now and then someone

Like him comes along,

When others are weak,

He seems even more strong

More an example

For others you see,

My uncle’s been more

Like a guardian angel to me.


An innocent man in a jail full hate,

He’s an actor in life…

He’s alone on the stage

If I grow to be half the man he’s been all along

I’ll teach as he has

And always strive to do right and not wrong.



Injustice for Jeff


By:  Steven Been


I thought it would be easy

To write a poem for a friend

Thinking back on the best of times

And telling so much of them

But now he is convicted of MURDER

One for which he DID NOT COMMIT

Sentenced to DIE just for being there

BUT an Eye for an Eye has been met

Will anyone see this injustice?

Can you please just pardon my friend?

He never committed a murder

So why must he die for it?