Words from Jeff’s Family


We stand behind you Jeff!!

Danny Wood ~~ Jeff’s Father

My name is Danny Wood. I am Jeffery Wood’s father. This e-letter is being sent only as a means of respectively protesting the lack of justice that “we”, as Texans, pretend to ascribe to. Without monetary means to support our son he was resigned to the inferior representation of a state appointed council. Many irregularities are incorporated in the network of his trial that totally undermine the facade of justice and unbiased trial proceedings. He was not given the benefit of a detective to investigate his claims, was not allowed to provide substantiating witnesses (myself and others), and was confronted with the state’s “expert psychiatric witness” who testified against him without even examining him. I sincerely and respectively ask that Gov. Perry review “ALL” his court records and to please contact my wife and myself if there is any way that we can help enlighten him as to the relevancy of oversight that has been exhibited throughout his representation – or lack thereof. I know that there are many other instances available that will verify that there is a complete lack of uniformity in the application of party law involvement, including less time being served and parole given to individuals that were involved as participants in drive by shootings. I thank you for your time in consideration of lives untold. In JESUS name. Sincerely,

Mitzie Wood ~~ Jeff’s Stepmother

‘m Jeffery’s stepmother. Of all our children Jeffery is the kindest and softhearted of them all. He was not in the store when the shooting happened and did not know it would occur. I don’t agree with Texas parties law. To me this law seems very harsh for a driver or anyone not connected to the actual pulling of the trigger. Gov. Perry, I know that Jeff is just another inmate in a long list, but I ask you to review this case with an open mind, and heart. I do ask that Jeffery not be put to death; this is my wish. My prayer is that you and others will see through the wrong points of the trials… May God Bless each and everyone.

Paige Wood ~~ Jeff’s only child

Jeffery Wood only has one child and that is me!!! I have been without my father for many years, and I have suffered greatly because of this! I need my father. I need to be able to hug him, and to sit in his lap, and just talk when I need somebody. I have been deprived because of somebody else’s crime. Should I continued to be punished? I have had a lot to deal with over these years. I have struggled in school, I have been alone, and I have done it all without my lifeline…my father. Please do not kill him…he did not kill anybody. He is a kind, gentle man and I need him! If you kill him…you are killing me!!!!!!!

Terri Been~~ Jeff’s sister

Jeff Wood, my beloved brother, is a man on Texas death row, convicted by the absurd “Law of Parties”. Although Jeff didn’t murder anyone, he received a death sentence for driving the “getaway car” because his daughter’s and family’s life was threatened! Jeff’s story is a long and heartbreaking one, and unfortunately most of it never came out (in public, or the courtroom) due to many unfortunate circumstances, (the biggest being our family’s lack of money to retain a decent attorney) but the state knows who committed the crime, and that person was unfortunately executed several years ago. In addition, Jeff’s rights were violated as he DID NOT receive a fair trial; as a matter of fact there were MANY, MANY mistakes made at his trial by Jeff himself, his LAWYERS, and the by the JUDGE as well. I am begging you to spare the life of my brother. He is no murderer! In fact, he has the biggest heart of anybody that I know…and always has. Yes, he has made some mistakes, but again he is no murderer, and should not be condemned to die for a murder he did not commit.

Steven Been~~ Jeff’s brother-in-law

Jeff Wood did not murder anyone. He was not even in the building when the murder occurred, nor did he possess any weapon at the time of the shooting. As a matter of fact, he made it a point to tell the “triggerman” not to bring a gun at all. Jeff is a loving and trusting person that was blackmailed, by threats made against his family and friends, into running with this shooter. Jeff Wood is not a murderer.

Gavin Been~~ Jeff’s nephew

My uncle Jeff did not kill anybody so please do not kill him

Nicholas Been~~ Jeff’s nephew

Killing a human being is wrong. Inmates who sit on death row are human beings too. Remember? They make mistakes, just like you and me. Granted their mistakes may have been bigger, but a mistake is a mistake no matter how big or small it is! People should be punished for their mistakes, but killing people for their mistake is not a punishment, it is another mistake; another crime. Please do not add another mistake to this tragic event. Please spare the life of Jeff Wood. He is a human being too. In addition, I have always been taught that the sentence should fit the crime. Is that not correct? Jeff did not kill anybody so why should he die? His crime should only be aggravated robbery, if that! He has spent over 10 years on death row, don’t you think that is punishment enough? I do. Please show compassion and mercy!

Nathan Been ~~ Jeff’s nephew

Texas is setting a VERY BAD example for my generation. We are being taught that if you really want to kill/murder someone, all you have to do to get away with it LEGALLY is to become a prison guard! Wow, What an eye-opener! Please do the right thing for all Texans, and ban the death penalty. Continued practice of the death penalty only creates more victims, and teaches murder and hatred. I would like to tell you that I will be a victim of Texas if you murder my uncle, Jeffery Wood. Jeff is being punished for an action he did not do; he is not a murderer. Please pardon him, or at the very least convert his sentence and give him life with the possibility of parole. My cousin Paige deserves to be able to spend time with her father! She needs to be able to hold him, and to touch him! She is being victimized, and so is my Aunt Kristin for a murder that somebody else committed; somebody who has already paid the ultimate Texas price with their own life. (You executed the triggerman a couple of years ago…isn’t that enough?)

Jonathan Wood ~~ Jeff’s brother

Pardon Jeff. Why should the he die for the crime he was charged with, but did not do, when he only has the comprehension level of a 4th grader? The courts said that he was the mastermind of the whole operation. Yeah right. The real mastermind was released due to testifying and then even lie on the stand. Come on now, There is no need for this.

Jeremy Wood ~~ Jeff’s brother

I am one of Jeff’s brother’s and I would like to thank everyone for signing this petition. There is no justice in killing someone that has not murdered anyone. This law is not fair and it needs to change.

Rebecca Wood ~~ Jeff’s sister-in-law

It seems pretty simple. Jeff Wood did not kill anyone, yet our government can’t wait to take his life. And then they wonder why we have no faith in our justice system!

James Thomas Power ~~ Jeff’s Cousin

As Jeff wood’s 2nd cousin and an ex’offender, I know Jeff is suffering.  My heart goes out to the victim’s family, but Jeff made a bad decision, no a horrible decision that day and the days that followed but he was trying to protect his family without regard to his own life.  I could go on with what if’s but our system of justice is in bad shape. I once heard an analogy while in the military it went like this (SHOOT THEM ALL AND LET GOD SORT IT ALL OUT .) How will GOD sort this out?Jun 23, 2008, Lenton Ray, Texas
Jeff Wood is my first grandson, and does not deserve to be labeled “convicted murderer” as he did not murder anybody; nor did he plan to. On the same note, Jeff does not deserve to be put to death for a crime he did not commit. Jeff was outside of the store when the murder took place, and had no way of knowing it would occur. I therefore humbly request you to recall the death warrant that has been placed on Jeff, and spare his life
Rosemary Ray ~~ Jeff’s Grandmother

I am Jeff Wood’s grandmother. I am writing in hopes that you will show mercy and compassion for my grandson, Jeffrey Wood. Please allow him a chance at life as he did not kill anybody.

Lenton Ray ~~ Jeff’s Grandfather

Jeff Wood is my first grandson, and does not deserve to be labeled “convicted murderer” as he did not murder anybody; nor did he plan to. On the same note, Jeff does not deserve to be put to death for a crime he did not commit. Jeff was outside of the store when the murder took place, and had no way of knowing it would occur. I therefore humbly request you to recall the death warrant that has been placed on Jeff, and spare his life

Jo Ellen Fisk ~~ Jeff’s Cousin

I am not against the death penalty when it is deserved and appropriate. Jeff’s death is not deserved OR appropriate. EXONERATE JEFF!