Hearing Set on Revised Law of Parties Bill Filed by State Rep Terry Canales

The House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence will hold a hearing on Wednesday August 2, 2017 to consider the bill filed by State Rep Terry Canales that would prohibit death sentences under the law of parties. HB 252 is different from the bills in the regular session. It adds a section that directs the jury “to determine based on the evidence admitted at the guilt or innocence stage whether the defendant is guilty of the capital felony only as a party under Section 7.02(b), Penal Code.”







COMMITTEE: Criminal Jurisprudence
TIME & DATE: 10:30 AM or upon final adjourn./recess
Wednesday, August 02, 2017
PLACE: E2.014
CHAIR: Rep. Joe Moody

If submitting written testimony, please submit 10 copies (with your name on each copy) to the committee during the hearing if possible

HB 136 Rose
Relating to the applicability of the death penalty to a capital offense committed by a person with severe mental illness.

HB 252 Canales
Relating to the extent of a defendant’s criminal responsibility for the conduct of a coconspirator in certain felony cases.

HB 283 Moody
Relating to an application for a writ of habeas corpus based on certain relevant scientific evidence that was not available at the applicant’s trial.

HB 310 Herrero
Relating to certain sentencing procedures in a capital case.

HB 345 Turner
Relating to the creation of a commission to study intellectual and developmental disability determinations in capital cases in which the state seeks the death penalty.

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